Cardiac surgery simulation

My PhD thesis is from 2006 at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University. The full thesis can be downloaded as pdf The human heart has a very complex morphology,…

Lego Digital Designer

We researched and implemented a range of advanced rendering effects in collaboration with LEGO. On concrete result of the investigation is the Screen Space Directional Occlusion implemented in Lego Digital…

Digital Prototypes

The purpose of the project was to develop digital prototypes that can reproduce the appearance of products still on the drawing board using predictive rendering. Predictive rendering is objective –…


We developed the Elementacular plugin for fast and interactive modelling of photorealistic clouds within Autodesk Maya – available as a plugin from Duration: 2014 Role: Supervising, managing software development,…

Experior DirectX 11 graphics engine

We developed a brand new DirectX11 based visualization engine for Xcelgo, and their virtual commissioning software Experior. More information on our blog post on the topic. Duration: 2014 Role: Supervising…

Recognition of Birds

In a research contract with the Institute for Bioscience, University of Aarhus we developed image analysis and machine learning to recognize birds in very large scale auto-photos from airplanes. I…

Research for LEGO

Confidential research for LEGO since March 2014. I’m leading three researcher at the Alexandra institute in this project. Hopefully the public can see our results in 2018.

Montana Ambient Occlusion

I developed an ambient occlusion solution in three.js and GLSL, and supervised the development of an iOS port. The rendering was used by Apptitude for their Montana iOS app. Duration:…

Visual Communication

Following our success in the Elements project, we wanted to innovate the process involved in communicating special effects in the animation and movie industry. We build prototypes in both Adobe…


In a commercial contract with the company Brainreader we have accelerate computations in the Neuroreader software, and help mature and extend the functionality. I participated as supervisor for our activities…

Procedural cell plugin for Maya

I supervised the work on procedural generation of cells in Autodesk Maya for the Danish Animation company Mediafarm. 2013


I participated as a research lead in our project developing procedural models for natural effects that can be controlled by an artist in Autodesk Maya. The results from this project…

Autodesk research

I participated as a contract researcher for Autodesk on a confidential project. 2013.

Analytical soft shadows for Playdead INSIDE

For the game INSIDE by PlayDead I supervised experienced computer graphics engineers at the Alexandra Institute developing a new analytical soft shadow solution for the main character in the game.…

WebGL for Sportstiming

Under my supervision we developed a new kind of WebGL visualization for the company Sportstiming.

Visible Ear Simulator

The Oticon Foundation and Medel have sponsored the project surgical simulation for the hearing aid industry. 2012-2014

Interactive Molecular Visualization

“Interactive Molecular Visualization”, funded by The AnimationHub. Total budget of 1.5 mill DKK (500k DKK funded by application). 2011-2012

Cabra Technology

“Software product for Cabra Technology”, consultancy and software development. 2011-2012

Accelerating Graphics Performance for Quantumwise

“Graphics Performance Acceleration for Quantumwise”, consultancy and software development. 2011-2012

Massive Data

Project Manager, co-applicant and active in R&D, funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, total budget of 11.7 mill DKK (8.1 mill DKK funded by application). Massive…

Acceleration Structures for Luxion

In the Massive Acceleration of Photorealistic Interactive Rendering project I was Project Manager, Applicant and active in R&D, with Luxion, funded by iKraft, total budget of 2 mill DKK (…

Shaders in Unity

“Shaders in Unity3D”, consultancy and software development for Unity Studios, Denmark (100.000 DKK). 2010

Furniture Rendering

“High quality rendering of soft shadows and materials in furniture”, consultancy and software development for Intertisement, Denmark (100.000 DKK). 2010

Lego Universe

Icon rendering and geometry optimization for Lego Universe. Consultancy and software development for Lego Systems A/S, Denmark. 2010

Mitraclip Simulation

I implemented a custom soft-tissue physics engine for the MitraClip trainer, under contract with Morphologica, MGHI, Hong Kong. Project Period: 2009-2010. Role: Software developer, project lead.  

Visual Interaction in Wind-turbine Repair

Visual Interaction in Wind-turbine Repair. Co-applicant and primary writer, Funded by the ISIS II, total budget of 3.2 mill DKK. (1.6 mill DKK funded by application). 2008


“Innogate – Innovation is the game”, on serious games applications. I was in the management group and active in R&D, total budget of 9.6 mill kr.   2008-2010

Digital Urban Living

“Center for Digital Urban Living”, in management group, project-manager, and active in R&D, total budget 43.5 mill DKK, responsible for a budget of 2.2 mill DKK. 2008-2011


“Lingoland”, lead-programmer responsible for three part time student programmers. 2003-2004

Danfoss Virtual House

I co-wrote the application and was in the management group for this project on finding new ways to communicate convenience and comfort for Danfoss product with the help of serious…

Digital Painting

As a subcontract with Redia A/S we devised and implemented a fully digital painting in collaboration with an artist. 2011-2012.


In the Futuresonic project we develop the future ultrasound devices, that are wireless and delivers functionality as a service. I co-wrote the application, I am on the steering board, and…

Elements Texture Synthesis

Together with the Animation company Red Eye we did procedural texture synthesis for rocks. We did a prototype in Autodesk Maya exposing the functionality through a node.


The Build-A-Bar project was done for the company Torstein Drikkeservice. The company wanted to build a web-based wizard for sales of bar equipment, including an interactive 3D visualization of configurations.

AR and VR for Industry

We help Danish manufacturing companies exploit the great potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for digital training and instruction. Advanced products and the associated manufacturing require efficient…


My team at the Alexandra Institute is hired in by NIH to participate in the open source development of the Gadgetron image reconstruction framework. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood…

Deep Learning based detection of fields in satellite images

Analyzing satellite images and comparing them to the known outlines of danish agricultural fields allows us to efficiently calculate the outline of fields in countries that do not digitally record…

Digital BIM Tool for Fire Protection

We develop digital tools and expert systems that offer architects and engineers state-of-the-art decision support for ensuring compliance with fire requirements for residential, commercial and public construction based on Building…

Femern SafetyLab

A consortium with DBI in command will develop technological services for security technology, emergency optimization and risk management with special focus on fire risks. The purpose is to provide Danish…

Very Efficient Resource Allocation

Very Efficient Resource Allocation, in short VERA, is a web service I developed that is now used across all labs at the Alexandra Institute. The tool enables planning of projects ressource,…

KeyShot 7.2

KeyShot 7.2 was released on 25th of January following my first few months of introducing the developers at Luxion to agile development and product management.  

KeyShot 7.3

KeyShot 7.3 was launched on the 5th of April 2018 introducing the new free viewer application developed as part of our strategy to transition KeyShot into a hub instead of…

KeyShot 8.0

KeyShot 8.0 was the first major release of KeyShot under my leadership of development. The full fruite of our focus in product management and agile development was realized as KeyShot…


On 6th of May 2019, after 1½ years of development, Luxion launched an entirely new product; KeyVR the one-click VR solution directly from KeyShot into interactive VR. The opportunity to…