Femern SafetyLab

A consortium with DBI in command will develop technological services for security technology, emergency optimization and risk management with special focus on fire risks. The purpose is to provide Danish companies with new opportunities to test and demonstrate security technologies virtually for complex and critical buildings and infrastructure to save time, money and resources.

The project’s goal is to develop two technological services.
1) SafetyLab: A virtual test environment for development and testing of new security technology. This is a BIM-based virtual simulation model for technology providers in the field of prevention, detection, extinguishing and evacuation.

2) Emergency cockpit: A digital emergency response simulator that provides a real-time risk level for the company and public preparedness to strengthen fire fighting. Additionally, the Emergency cockpit can be used for virtual fire and rescue exercises in order to strengthen the planning and training of operational and tactical preparedness.

The target group for the project comprises approx. 600 Danish companies, the majority SMEs, which produce safety technologies for building under the categories; prevention, detection, extinguishing and evacuation. For SMEs, a virtual testing environment will allow them to receive direct feedback on their system performance and can save time, money and resources on costly physical tests. The security industry expresses a great need for new services and technology services that can enhance innovation, demonstration and digital interaction between different sensor technologies.

Application Femern Safetylab
Partners DBI, Rambøll
My role Supervising, Co-applicant
Type GTS contract
Finansed by Performance Contract, Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Total budget 663,300 €
My part 663,300 €
Person months 48.65
Period Jul. 2017 to Dec. 2019