Jesper Mosegaard is a computer scientist and leader. He enjoys solving challenges, developing software, and leading great software developers. Computer graphics has a special place in Jespers heart, and he has worked professionally in and around the field for over 15 years.

Jesper is currently Director of Products at Luxion. KeyShot is the primary product by Luxion, and it is the fastest and easiest to use application for photo-realistic visualization of CAD and 3D. Jesper leads the software developers at Luxion from idea over research to release. He also contributes hands-on with his expertise in real-time rendering to develop entirely new products. This includes meeting customers to understand their needs, researching solutions, and developing advanced software in C++ and OpenGL.

Jesper received his PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University in 2006. He developed a real-time 3D simulator for surgeons to train heart surgery. Following his PhD, Jesper was a tenure tracked Assistant Professor. In 2008, Jesper left the University to found the Visual Computing Lab at the Alexandra Institute, helping companies develop new products and services based on research and new technology. The Visual Computing Lab focused initially on computer graphics and later also computer vision and deep learning. Over almost 10 years at the Alexandra Institute, Jesper hired 15 experts for his Lab and successfully completed over 100 projects. The many projects has granted Jesper extensive experience managing ambitious projects with many public as well as private partners. In 2017, Jesper was approached by the founders of Luxion to fill the newly created role of Director of Products.

Jespers professional interests include computer graphics, computer vision, deep learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality. He has experience in areas of medical imaging, simulation, training, computer games, animation, VFX, CAD, drones, satellite images, and big data. Jesper has published 30 peer-reviewed publications. Jesper has completed an Executive Education at Harvard Business School. The education included leadership, strategy, innovation, and project management.

Jesper lives near Aarhus in Denmark, the happiest country in the world, with his wife and two children.

Phone: +45 21665365