I’m a leader and software developer of visual, interactive, and fast software products. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus within computer graphics and simulation. I did an Executive Education from Harvard Business School in leadership and innovation. I have developed software professionally since 2003 and I have been in leadership since 2010.

I’m currently Head of Visualization & UX at Humio, leading the teams developing the Humio frontend as well as visualizations and dashboards.

I have deep dived into subjects such as 3D rendering, medical images, physics simulations, and big data visualization. I know the topics as a developer, team leader and software product manager.

What really matters to me are people. I want to understand what customers need and why. I want my teams to enjoy creating exceptional products, and do so efficiently. I lead with empathy and honest feedback. I myself thrive in environments high on ambition and trust.

After my PhD I was a university researcher, and later built up a lab at the Alexandra Institute in visual computing. Here I headed up application oriented research as well as commercial projects with companies within areas such as computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning. After 10 years and more than 100 projects I was looking to experience software product development. I was hired as Director of Products at Luxion who develops KeyShot, the most widely used 3D rendering solution for product designers. I set a new strategic directions for our products, greatly matured the development processes, tripled the size of the team, and did hands-on development on new software products. In particular I envisioned and led development of KeyVR for photorealistic real-time CAD in VR and AR. Lately, I have been hired at Humio to lead the development of our user experience – including visualization of truly massive amounts of streaming data.

Good people, great challenges, and learning opportunities attract me.

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