Jesper Mosegaard, PhD
18. October 1979


I’m an experienced leader and software developer with a strong passion for interactive, visual, and highly efficient software. I hold a PhD in Computer Science (2006), an Executive Education from Harvard Business School (2014), and I’ve completed the Stifinder leadership course (2022). My core values include impact, trust, and joy.

I have deep dived into 3D rendering, GPU computing, medical image analysis, physics simulations, VR/AR, and massive data visualization. I have build large scale web applications, professional desktop programs, as well as mobile apps. I have led teams of developers, researchers, UX/UI design, and QA.

I love software, research and cutting edge technology. But people matter even more to me. I want to understand what users need and why. I want my teams to enjoy creating exceptional results, and to do so efficiently. I lead with empathy, honesty and a deep technical knowledge. I’ve been leading teams remotely since 2010. I thrive in environments high on ambition and trust.


Leadership: People/project/product management, recruiting, coaching, agile, budgeting, communication, strategy & vision

Domain knowledge: Log Management, CAD/CAM Product Design, Computer Games, VFX, Satellite Imaging, Medical Simulations

Software Development: C++, Qt, OpenGL, Optix, Cuda, PHP, Javascript


2023-nowDirector of Development GraphicsThe TMRW FoundationI lead the development of render engine and computer vision in RealityOS
2020-2023Head of Visualization & UX / Sr. ManagerCrowdStrikeI lead several teams in the development of search, navigation, ux/ui and data visualisation in the LogScale/Humio product. Acquired by CrowdStrike in 2021.
2017-2020Director of ProductsLuxionLeading and managing product development. Contributing with specialized competencies in computer graphics development. Leading change in agile development and strategy development.
2015-2017Head of Visual Computing LabAlexandra InstituteLeading R&D team within computer graphics, computer vision and deep learning. Responsible for projects, budget, sales and people in Lab.
2010-2015Head of Computer Graphics LabAlexandra InstituteFounded the Lab as an independent business unit of the Alexandra Institute. Gained R&D funding and commercial projects to fund the hire of 15 people in total.
2008-2010Senior R&D ScientistAlexandra InstituteContributing to research and software development. Building up project portfolio.
2007-2008Assistant Professor (tenure track)Institute of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus UniversityResearch within computer graphics and simulation. Teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science.
2006-2007Lecturer (Amanuensis)Institute of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus UniversityResearch within computer graphics and simulation. Teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science.

Side jobs

2015-2016University LecturerAarhus University. Summerschool in computer graphics.
2014- nowAppointed ExaminerCensorNet, The Danish Engineering Educations
2001-2004Co-founderSoftwice IS, Commercial software development while studying
2000-2003Teachers assistant and student programmerDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus University


2003-2006PhD in Computer ScienceDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus University, DenmarkThesis “Cardiac surgery simulation – graphics hardware meets congenital heart disease”
2001-2003MSc in Computer ScienceDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus University, DenmarkThesis “Realtime cardiac surgery simulation” given the grade of 13 (highest grade possible). Master thesis of the year awarded by IDA-IT
1998-2001Bachelor in Computer Science and MultimediaDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark 
1995-1998Mathematical StudentKolding Amts Gymnasium (High School), Kolding, Denmark 

Continuing Education

2022Stifinder #2373 Stifinder
2016HR Workshop 2Mannaz
2015HR Workshop 1Mannaz
2014Leadership Development – module 2Mannaz
2014Leadership Development – module 1Mannaz
2014IT Project ManagementMannaz
2013-2014Harvard Executive Education on Leadership, business strategy, innovation and disruption (Leading the Virtual Company – Pasteur Program)Harvard Business School Executive Education (part-time study)

Commercial Software Releases

2020 – Humio/LogScale 1.17 – Humio/CrowdStrike
2017-2020KeyShot 7.2-10.0Luxion
2019-2020KeyVR (subscription)Luxion
2014-2017ElementacularAlexandra Institute
2012Cabra SimulatorContract with Cabra Technology
2012-2016NeuroreaderContract with Brainreader
2012-2017Visible Ear SimulatorAlexandra Institute
2010Lego UniverseContract with Lego

Consultancy & Research Projects

Total Budget
2020-2020Predictive Rendering In Manufacture and Engineering4,128,987€
2017-2017Bird recognition system based on horisontal radarDHI12,060€
2017-2017Workshop with SDFE on automatic change detection in aerial photosThe Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency2,680€
2017-2019Femern SafetylabDBI, Rambøll663,300€
2017-2018Prototype of a Digital BIM Tool for Fire Protection in BuildingsDBI89,244€
2017-2018Deep Learning based detection of fields in satellite imagesCeptu33,500€
2017-2017Epitope Mapping by machine learningAarhus University Hospital19,939€
2017-2017Preproject on measurement of windows and visualization3BB Group A/S12,730€
2017-2018Medical Imaging Software Development - GadgetronThe National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NHLBI128,131€
2017-2018Exploitation of space systems for increased growth1,474,000€
2017-2018Drones on new missions - materials and environment1,541,000€
2017-2018Virtual Reality – a new library room for learningViborg Bibliotekerne, 41,942€
2017-2017Elementacular plugin80,400€
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2017ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016Resilio DigitalResilio IVS15,276€
2016-2016Radar Image AnalysisDHI
2016-2017Design of bridge supporting structures in 3DPaschal-Danmark A/S67,000€
2016-2016Blended Games - TrackingGametools Learning ApS55,528€
2016-2017Analysing birth of piglets through heat camerasFarrowtech35,510€
2016-2018Technologies and Tools til Utilize Big Data1,294,440€
2016-2018Interactive AR and VR for Industrial Training and Instructions848,220€
2016-2018Digital Production of Images and Animation with new Tools, Processes and Markets884,400€
2016-2016Neuroreader servicesBrainreader ApS41,004€
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015Albatross 3D renderIngenium Golf Aps6,365€
2015-2016Contract Research for VESMED-EL73,700€
2015-2015ConfidentialTrifork A/S, Lego A/S
2015-2015ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015EU Opstart10,050€
2015-2016Frost and snow in UnityZaxis Aps67,000€
2015-2015Experior Graphics Engine from DX9 to DX11Xcelgo A/S2,368€
2015-2015Automatic 3D Visualization of Golf CourseIngenium Golf Aps67,000€
2015-2016Acceleration of Tomographic Reconstruction for Airport Security ScanDTU96,480€
2015-2015Augmented Reality Visualization of LungsHorsens School of Nursing, VIA University College3,350€
2015-2015Pre-project for Three.js Vizualisation of Golf CoursesIngenium Golf Aps3,768€
2015-2015Build-a-barDrikkevareservice ApS67,000€
2015-2015Contract work on Lego Digital DesignerTrifork A/S, Lego A/S47,389€
2015-2015WebGL Visualization of Statistical Data (DKNøgletal)Aarhus Kommune10,050€
2015-2017Cochlear Implant SimulationOticon Medical AB84,420€
2015-2017Cochlear Implant SimulationOticon Fonden169,912€
2014-2015Detection of Boats in Radar ImagesInstitut for Bioscience, Aarhus University700€
2014-2015Raytracing of Artificial Lenses in the EyeIOL Innovations ApS26,800€
2014-2016Elementacular Product/investement9,501€
2014-2014Plugin for SolidWorksApiosoft ApS26,800€
2014-2015Automatic Vision Based Analysis of Eldon CardsEldon Biologicals A/S26,800€
2014-2015Elements Texture SynthesisRedeye Film ApS33,500€
2014-2014Visual Communication - VFX plugins for animation of natural effectsJa Film I/S, Sunday Studio aps, Wil Film aps, Redeye Film aps133,897€
2014-2014Soft Shadows for Montana Furniture in iOS and Web appsApptitude ApS5,976€
2014-2014Physically Correct Catenary SimulationEiva A/S33,500€
2014-2014Camera Solutions for Dressing RoomsRoom for Change26,800€
2014-2015ConfidentialLego A/S
2013-2014Generated Organic ShapesMediafarm ApS26,800€
2013-2015Advanced Computer Graphics for Virtual AutomationXcelgo A/S134,000€
2013-2015Acceleration af Neuroreader for better diagnosisBrainreader ApS231,792€
2013-2015Recognizing birds in orthophotosInstitut for Bioscience, Aarhus University45,342€
2013-2014Innovative Visualization of RunningSportstiming ApS26,800€
2013-2014Local Soft Shadows in Unity 3DPlaydead Aps26,800€
2013-20143D visualization of Suites through 3D Body ScanMOND of Copenhagen33,500€
2013-2013JPEG2000 in OpenCLPhase One A/S20,132€
2013-2014Contract Research for VESMED-EL149,899€
2013-2018Futuresonic - A new platform and business model for on-demand diagnostic ultrasound imagingDTU Nanotech, Center for Fast Ultrasound (CFU) at DTU Electrical Engineering, Rigshospitalet and the Danish companies BK Medical, Meggitt Sensing System and Alexandra Instituttet20,011,426€
2013-2013Physics Based Medical Image Registration for Radiation TherapyDepartment of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital33,500€
2013-2013Elements - Environmental visual effects through result-oriented designSunday Studio ApS, Javira 133,959€
2013-2014Creative Digital Industries - WP4: TechnologyRed Eye, Sunday Studio, Javira, Cadesignform, M2Film72,133€
2012-2015Neuroreader improvementsBrainreader ApS278,774€
2012-2012Optimized Brain ReadingBrainreader Aps90,450€
2012-2013Computer Aided Biologic Response AssessmentCABRA Technology A/S71,438€
2011-2017VERAAlexandra Institute
2011-2012RocketFuel for QuantumWiseQuantumWise A/S11,856€
2011-2012Graphics Library for Atomic SystemsQuantumWise A/S33,500€
2011-2012Digital PaintingRedia A/S, Chromalex
2011-2012Augmented Reality solutionsRedia A/S61,960€
2011-2012Interactive Visualization and Animation of MoleculesQuantumWise A/S, Molegro ApS 66,993€
2011-2012MAFIR - Massive Acceleration of Photorealistic Interactive...Luxion ApS267,893€
2011-2011Danfoss ExperienceDanfoss, Apex Virtual Entertainment396,796€
2011-2012Digitale Prototypes - Physically Correct RenderingDTU Informatics, Section for Computer Graphics and Image Analysis1,183,890€
2011-2013AirField Monitor - WP4Fraunhofer100,590€
2011-2013Visible Ear Simulator 2.0Rigshospitalet, Oticon Fonden251,250€
2010-2011Lego UniverseLego A/S
2010-2012Massive Data - Processing, Visualization and Interpretation1,035,075€
2009-2010Advanced 3D Graphics for Lego Digital DesignerLego A/S
2009-2010Advanced Shaders In Unity - a Crash CourseUnity Studios ApS26,800€
2009-2010High Quality Visualization of FurnitureIntertisement ApS26,800€
2009-2010Real time physics for Mitra ClipMorphologica14,588€
2009-2009Smoke and Water VisualizationDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus Universitet10,720€
2008-2009Anatomic Atlas for OncologyDepartment of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital13,400€
2008-2009AIGE - Alexandra Institute Graphics Engine536,000€
2008-2010Innogate - computer game technology for new marketsDI ITEK, 3D-empire, 3D Supply, 3XN, Apex Virtual Entertainment, School of Architecture in Aarhus, Cad People, Crisware, Danish Management, Carl Bro, Skills Group, Unity Studios, Utopian City Scape1,281,040€
2008-2012Center for Digital Urban Living5,829,000€
2008-2012Digital Urban Living - IMVInformations and Media Studies Aarhus University425,055€
2003-2006Cardiac surgery simulation, graphics hardware meets congenital heart diseaseSkejby Hospital
2006-2006Virtual Surgery on Congenital Heart Defects: Simulating Entire Procedures30,150€
2002-2003Oticon Scholarship for Master Thesis year13,400€