Jesper Mosegaard
18th of October 1979
Married, 2 kids


2017-now Director of Products Luxion Managing all software developers in agile development. Contributing to R&D of new products.
2015-2017 Head of Visual Computing Lab Alexandra Institute Changed name with added focus on computer vision. Responsible for projects, budget, sales and people in Lab. Leading all activities in the Lab.
2010-2015 Head of Computer Graphics Lab Alexandra Institute

Founded the Lab as an independent business unit of the Alexandra Institute. Gained R&D funding and commercial projects to fund the hire of 15 people in total.


2008-2010 Senior R&D Scientist Alexandra Institute Contributing to research and software development. Building up project portfolio to sustain a Lab
2007-2008 Assistant Professor (tenure track) Institute of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University Research within computer graphics and simulation. Teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science.
2006-2007 Lecturer (Amanuensis) Institute of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University Research within computer graphics and simulation. Teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science.

Extra jobs

2015-2016 External Lecturer (Ekstern Lektor) Aarhus University, Summerschool
2014-2018 Appointed Examiner (Censor) at CensorNet The Danish Engineering Educations
2001-2004 Co-founder Softwice Commercial software development while studying.
2000-2003 Teachers assistant and student programmer Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University


2003-2006 PhD Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark Thesis title “Cardiac surgery simulation – graphics hardware meets congenital heart disease”
2001-2003 MSc Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark Thesis title “Realtime cardiac surgery simulation”. Grade of 13 as well as recognized externally with award by IDA-IT
1998-2001 Bachelor in Computer Science and Multimedia Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
1995-1998 Mathematical Student Kolding Amts Gymnasium (High School), Kolding, Denmark

Continuing Education

2016 HR Workshop 2 Mannaz
2015 HR Workshop 1 Mannaz
2014 Leadership Development – module 2 Mannaz
2014 Leadership Development – module 1 Mannaz
2014 IT Project Management Mannaz
2013-2014 Leading the Virtual Company – Pasteur Program on Leadership, business strategy, innovation and disruption Harvard Business School Executive Education (part-time study)

Project Experience

Total Budget
2017-2017Bird recognition system based on horisontal radarDHI12,060€
2017-2017Workshop with SDFE on automatic change detection in aerial photosThe Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency2,680€
2017-2019Femern SafetylabDBI, Rambøll663,300€
2017-2018Prototype of a Digital BIM Tool for Fire Protection in BuildingsDBI89,244€
2017-2018Deep Learning based detection of fields in satellite imagesCeptu33,500€
2017-2017Epitope Mapping by machine learningAarhus University Hospital19,939€
2017-2017Preproject on measurement of windows and visualization3BB Group A/S12,730€
2017-2018Medical Imaging Software Development - GadgetronThe National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NHLBI128,131€
2017-2018Exploitation of space systems for increased growth1,474,000€
2017-2018Drones on new missions - materials and environment1,541,000€
2017-2018Virtual Reality – a new library room for learningViborg Bibliotekerne, 41,942€
2017-2017Elementacular plugin80,400€
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2017ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016Resilio DigitalResilio IVS15,276€
2016-2016Radar Image AnalysisDHI
2016-2017Design of bridge supporting structures in 3DPaschal-Danmark A/S67,000€
2016-2016Blended Games - TrackingGametools Learning ApS55,528€
2016-2017Analysing birth of piglets through heat camerasFarrowtech35,510€
2016-2018Technologies and Tools til Utilize Big Data1,294,440€
2016-2018Interactive AR and VR for Industrial Training and Instructions848,220€
2016-2018Digital Production of Images and Animation with new Tools, Processes and Markets884,400€
2016-2016Neuroreader servicesBrainreader ApS41,004€
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2016-2016ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015Albatross 3D renderIngenium Golf Aps6,365€
2015-2016Contract Research for VESMED-EL73,700€
2015-2015ConfidentialTrifork A/S, Lego A/S
2015-2015ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015ConfidentialLEGO A/S
2015-2015EU Opstart10,050€
2015-2016Frost and snow in UnityZaxis Aps67,000€
2015-2015Experior Graphics Engine from DX9 to DX11Xcelgo A/S2,368€
2015-2015Automatic 3D Visualization of Golf CourseIngenium Golf Aps67,000€
2015-2016Acceleration of Tomographic Reconstruction for Airport Security ScanDTU96,480€
2015-2015Augmented Reality Visualization of LungsHorsens School of Nursing, VIA University College3,350€
2015-2015Pre-project for Three.js Vizualisation of Golf CoursesIngenium Golf Aps3,768€
2015-2015Build-a-barDrikkevareservice ApS67,000€
2015-2015Contract work on Lego Digital DesignerTrifork A/S, Lego A/S47,389€
2015-2015WebGL Visualization of Statistical Data (DKNøgletal)Aarhus Kommune10,050€
2015-2017Cochlear Implant SimulationOticon Medical AB84,420€
2015-2017Cochlear Implant SimulationOticon Fonden169,912€
2014-2015Detection of Boats in Radar ImagesInstitut for Bioscience, Aarhus University700€
2014-2015Raytracing of Artificial Lenses in the EyeIOL Innovations ApS26,800€
2014-2016Elementacular Product/investement9,501€
2014-2014Plugin for SolidWorksApiosoft ApS26,800€
2014-2015Automatic Vision Based Analysis of Eldon CardsEldon Biologicals A/S26,800€
2014-2015Elements Texture SynthesisRedeye Film ApS33,500€
2014-2014Visual Communication - VFX plugins for animation of natural effectsJa Film I/S, Sunday Studio aps, Wil Film aps, Redeye Film aps133,897€
2014-2014Soft Shadows for Montana Furniture in iOS and Web appsApptitude ApS5,976€
2014-2014Physically Correct Catenary SimulationEiva A/S33,500€
2014-2014Camera Solutions for Dressing RoomsRoom for Change26,800€
2014-2015ConfidentialLego A/S
2013-2014Generated Organic ShapesMediafarm ApS26,800€
2013-2015Advanced Computer Graphics for Virtual AutomationXcelgo A/S134,000€
2013-2015Acceleration af Neuroreader for better diagnosisBrainreader ApS231,792€
2013-2015Recognizing birds in orthophotosInstitut for Bioscience, Aarhus University45,342€
2013-2014Innovative Visualization of RunningSportstiming ApS26,800€
2013-2014Local Soft Shadows in Unity 3DPlaydead Aps26,800€
2013-20143D visualization of Suites through 3D Body ScanMOND of Copenhagen33,500€
2013-2013JPEG2000 in OpenCLPhase One A/S20,132€
2013-2014Contract Research for VESMED-EL149,899€
2013-2018Futuresonic - A new platform and business model for on-demand diagnostic ultrasound imaging20,011,426€
2013-2013Physics Based Medical Image Registration for Radiation TherapyDepartment of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital33,500€
2013-2013Elements - Environmental visual effects through result-oriented designSunday Studio ApS, Javira 133,959€
2013-2014Creative Digital Industries - WP4: TechnologyRed Eye, Sunday Studio, Javira, Cadesignform, M2Film72,133€
2012-2015Neuroreader improvementsBrainreader ApS278,774€
2012-2012Optimized Brain ReadingBrainreader Aps90,450€
2012-2013Computer Aided Biologic Response AssessmentCABRA Technology A/S71,438€
2011-2017VERAAlexandra Institute
2011-2012RocketFuel for QuantumWiseQuantumWise A/S11,856€
2011-2012Graphics Library for Atomic SystemsQuantumWise A/S33,500€
2011-2012Digital PaintingRedia A/S, Chromalex
2011-2012Augmented Reality solutionsRedia A/S61,960€
2011-2012Interactive Visualization and Animation of MoleculesQuantumWise A/S, Molegro ApS 66,993€
2011-2012MAFIR - Massive Acceleration of Photorealistic Interactive...Luxion ApS267,893€
2011-2011Danfoss ExperienceDanfoss, Apex Virtual Entertainment396,796€
2011-2012Digitale Prototypes - Physically Correct RenderingDTU Informatics, Section for Computer Graphics and Image Analysis1,183,890€
2011-2013AirField Monitor - WP4Fraunhofer100,590€
2011-2013Visible Ear Simulator 2.0Rigshospitalet, Oticon Fonden251,250€
2010-2011Lego UniverseLego A/S
2010-2012Massive Data - Processing, Visualization and Interpretation1,035,075€
2009-2010Advanced 3D Graphics for Lego Digital DesignerLego A/S
2009-2010Advanced Shaders In Unity - a Crash CourseUnity Studios ApS26,800€
2009-2010High Quality Visualization of FurnitureIntertisement ApS26,800€
2009-2010Real time physics for Mitra ClipMorphologica14,588€
2009-2009Smoke and Water VisualizationDepartment of Computer Science, Aarhus Universitet10,720€
2008-2009Anatomic Atlas for OncologyDepartment of Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital13,400€
2008-2009AIGE - Alexandra Institute Graphics Engine536,000€
2008-2010Innogate - computer game technology for new marketsDI ITEK, 3D-empire, 3D Supply, 3XN, Apex Virtual Entertainment, School of Architecture in Aarhus, Cad People, Crisware, Danish Management, Carl Bro, Skills Group, Unity Studios, Utopian City Scape1,281,040€
2008-2012Center for Digital Urban Living5,829,000€
2008-2012Digital Urban Living - IMVInformations and Media Studies Aarhus University425,055€
2003-2006Cardiac surgery simulation, graphics hardware meets congenital heart diseaseSkejby Hospital
2006-2006Virtual Surgery on Congenital Heart Defects: Simulating Entire Procedures30,150€
2002-2003Oticon Scholarship for Master Thesis year13,400€