Digital Prototypes

The purpose of the project was to develop digital prototypes that can reproduce the appearance of products still on the drawing board using predictive rendering. Predictive rendering is objective – ie. radiometrically and physically correct – and can predict how products will look, based on geometry and material composition.

Actual predictive rendering is not available in commercial software packages. There are a wide range of applications where quantitative physical correct visualization can generate increased value e.g. in product design and architecture.

During the project we implemented accurate simulation of light and material through path tracing and photon mapping. We also did accurate simulation of liquids through the Deformable Simplicial Complex Method.

On example of predictive rendering is the accurate depiction of the appearance of juice because of the Lorenze-Mie based simulation of particle sizes

The appearance of other liquids can also be reliably simulated with this method

Application Digitale Prototypes – Physically Correct Rendering
Partners DTU Informatics, Section for Computer Graphics and Image Analysis
My role Applicant, Project management and research
Type GTS contract
Finansed by Performance Contract, Ministry of Higher Education and Science
Total budget 1,183,890 €
My part 599,382 €
Person months 49.75
Period Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2012