KeyVR – the One Click VR solution

On 6th of May 2019, after 1½ years of development, Luxion launched an entirely new product; KeyVR the one-click VR solution directly from KeyShot into interactive VR. The opportunity to develop a commercial software product from scratch was one of the primary reasons I joined Luxion in 2017. I functioned as lead developer together with a very small team, while doing my duties as Director of Products for our main product, KeyShot. KeyVR was my outlead to get some actual coding done. We build a custom rendering engine specifically for photo realistic CAD in VR in modern OpenGL – and we designed a VR user interface that makes it easy to explore materials, viewing angles, environments, model variations and more. Simply setup the scene in KeyShot with drag-and-drop (it’s already easy to use) and click the KeyVR button to see products as if you were there.