I’m Jesper Mosegaard, Sr. Engineering Manager for LogScale, CrowdStrike. At CrowdStrike I’m doing massive data visualization and delightful UI for observability. I love computer graphics!

I’m a product manager, engineering manager, and software developer. I have 17 years of experience in software development of which the last 10 years have been in leadership. I have a PhD in Computer Science and an Executive Education in innovation & leadership from Harvard Business School.

Throughout my career I have focused on interactive, visual, and highly efficient software. I have deep dived into 3D, rendering, GPU computing, medical image analysis, physics simulations, VR/AR, and massive data visualization. I have build large scale web applications, professional desktop programs, as well as mobile apps. I have led researchers, developers, UX/UI designers, and QA.

As a developer I’m highly proficient in C++/Qt/OpenGL/CUDA/GLSL and I have worked with many technologies like Optix, WebGL, Vulkan, OpenCV, D3, Vega, Javascript, PHP, Elm, React, and Python.

As much as I love software, people matter even more. I have a strong desire to engage with users to truly understand what they need and why. I want my team members to enjoy their work, create exceptional results, and to do so efficiently. I lead with empathy, honesty, and deep technical knowledge. I thrive in environments high on ambition and trust.

Career highlights include:

  • Established and grew an applied research lab in computer graphics and visual computing from scratch to 15 specialists and researchers.
  • Collaborated with top universities and companies in more than 100 projects. This included companies like LEGO, Autodesk, Danfoss, Philips, Velux, Oticon and BK Medical.
  • Envisioned, developed and launched KeyVR for photorealistic visualization in VR/AR of 3D CAD, while simultaneously managing development of the rendering solution KeyShot from version 7 to 10 with 23 direct reports.
  • Published more than 30 peer reviewed papers in computer graphics, ultrasound algorithms and medical simulation during my research years. 

For more detail see my CV
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